Monday, 10 July 2017

Why do we need organic farming?


After green revolution there has been no great agricultural movement in our country and recent researches have revealed the drastic rise in health issues with consumption of food cultivated through artificial methods. Taking these things into account,getting back to the conventional agricultural practices is the need of the hour

But the yield in traditional method is low and time consuming too. A method that meets this with high yield being eco friendly at the same time is 'Organic farming'.

Organic farming involves the usage of natural manure strictly prohibiting artificial fertilizers ensuring sustainability and enhancement of soil fertility. Organic farming is proved to be self reliant and stable due to cut down in the use of chemicals.Usage of naturally occurring pesticides like legumes and pyrethrin helps in nitrogen fixation thus increasing the organic content in the soil.

This leads to food and health safety and opens a good market for organic food as well. Suitable techniques are adopted including crop rotation,inter cropping in addition to the emphasis on green manures.

Green manures obtained from farm wastes,leaf litter,crop residue replaces the nutrients taken from the soil and allows natural production of nutrients.This accelerates the biological processes being cost effective too.

Poultry and livestock play a prominent role as the animal excreta like cow dung is blended with earthworms in the production of vermi-compost. This encourages animal husbandry and is an ideal way for farm waste management.
Crop rotation popularly known as 'Poly-culture', involves the cultivation of dissimilar crops in the same land space as a result of which the soil is enriched by nutrients.By this technique,the nutrients leached in the previous harvest are restored back increasing the organic content of the soil.Insects and micro organisms of various kinds are also benefited,hence curtailing their extinction. 

Inter-cropping,an analogous method controls pest buildup and enriches the soil.The financial risks are reduced with the hike in the yield.

G Nammalvar ,the messiah of organic farming,is known for holding a vast repository in farming insisted organic farming as a 'way of living' which is possible even in this 21st century. He has trained a large number of youngsters and shared his knowledge.Having sown the seeds of organic farming,its in our hands to let it germinate and grow into strong trees.

-Akshaya Ramani
 NanSei Nilam


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