Sunday, 4 June 2017

NanSei Nilam- how it began

NanSei Nilam- how it began. 

It was on the 21st day of January, two best friends decided to dedicate their time towards helping our farmers- the pride of our country. 

As the crowd chanted " WE WANT JALLIKATTU", we noticed a small group of old people carrying placards with slogans stating a completely different situation. Intrigued by it, we approached towards them and questioned them about it. Their faces were wrinkled and they looked dehydrated. We offered them some biscuits and water. They claimed that they had been fighting for people to understand the situation of the farmers in Tamil Nadu for more than 48 hours in the Marina beach. 

Being from the city of Chennai, we were not completely aware of the situation. 

We looked at each other surprisingly and shocked that we were unmindful about the happenings. We immediately Googled about it and researched as much as we could. Shocked by the information, we felt nothing but sympathy for them. 

That's when Prasanna uttered the words " Lets do something. As much as we can. Even if its just the two of us." We knew our biggest strength were our friends and the social media. We began circulating messages and noticed that a lot of people were interested in our ideas. 

The first few months were busy. We had over a hundred people contact us and show their support. We held meetings to encourage more people to join our cause and give suggestions. 

Today, we are a strong team of 66 people apart from the volunteers. We work everyday to promote and gain support from the public. We want as many people to learn about the situation of the farmers and help as much as they can. 
Today, we are content. 

Today, we will make the world a better place to live in. 

- S. Shruthikka 
(Co- founder) 
NanSei Nilam

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